About Our Music

Our new album  The Bubble Lady Sings is on sale now!

To buy the album click this link:

4 Responses to About Our Music

  1. John Steiner says:

    Hi Rebecca, Charles gifted me your new CD, The Bubble Lady Sings
    I so enjoyed listening to it today
    I laughed and teared up a bit
    Such a gift to the world!
    John Steiner

  2. Francesca Lee says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    My name is Francesca Lee. I am one of the newest producers at Bread & Roses. I recently booked Charles Moselle at one of my shows in Oakland. He gave me a copy of your new album. I’m actually listening to it now. It sounds great! Your voice is very beautiful, songs are fun, and the production is really good.

  3. Mary Cosgrove says:

    Hey Rebecca Sister ~ This is such a fantastic creation! Congratulations on realizing one of our life dreams. You rock! And the music does too! Here’s to a world of more happy people listening to the Bubble Lady Sing. Love<M

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