Now You Try!

Ideas and Tips from the Bubble Lady

10 parts H2O  1 part dawn or joy.   Add water first and then soap.  Mix, gently do not  make it foamy
for bigger stretchier bubbles add an ounce or so of corn syrup ( profesionals use glycerin but it’s more expensive and harder to find).

If you find you have a drip on the end of your bubble, you’ve made it too heavy.  Try thinning with more water.  If it’s too  runny,  (You’ll see liquid running down the sides of the bubble, you’ve guessed it, too watery,  add a little more soap or leave exposed for a day and let evaporate.  ( for outside non professional bubble fun,  this really won’t be an issue).

Soap Bubbler

Bubble Town

You  can have fun playing tag with your bubbles or watch then fly around or bump into each other.

Blow some bubbles, 2 inches and bigger is best.  The first bubble out of your wand is the heaviest so go for the later ones.

Now with stiff hands, fingers together start to wave them in the air around  and under your bubble making a breeze.

With a little practice you can get your bubble to fly to the right, left, back and forth.  Even to  move in circles if you move your hand building up the speed around the bubble.

Can you get two bubbles to bump into each other?  This is called TAG YOUR IT!   Careful, your bubble might start chasing YOU!

Remember don’t get too close, you don’t want to touch it and pop the bubble!

See what happens if you use a fan ( not a mechanical one).  How long can you keep your bubble up?  How far can you move it away from you before it pops?  Can you make your bubble split?  I call this MAKING FRIENDS.

This requires a good soap solution.  Fortify your bubbles using a little pre made bubble soap, if your bubbles keep popping.

If you don’t have a store bought “trumpet” wand, like I use in my show,  just use an ordinary tin can.
Cut open both ends.  You can tape the ends if they are sharp.

Dip one end of the tin into the bubble mix and place up near your mouth.  You don’t need to touch your face,( this is best if kids are sharing equipment).

Blow out a bubble.  Let the first one go and catch the next with your tin can. If the bubble gets sucked back up into the tin try putting your hand over the top of the second opening.

Bubbles 4 inches or bigger are good for this trick.

Bring your face close to the bubble without popping it with your nose, and practice putting little puffs of breath into the bubble, as if you are saying Pooh!  .   Or if this works better, imagine you are spitting out watermelon seeds into the bubble.  Repeat this as many times as you can until the bubble bursts.  Good Luck!

Grab some ordinary non breakable/ non valuable items around the house:  straws, fly swatter, strawberry cartons, elastic bands.  the rings that hold soda tins together, plastic kitchen spoons with holes in them, even a peice of paper which you can role up or a paper towel or toilet paper carboard roll.  Put them on a tray and take them outside along with your bucket of Bubble Juice.  Now experiment with your child to see which items blow bubbles best.  You’ll be surprised.

It’s fun to make your own bubble wands using string and straws. pipe cleaners, or a  thin piece cut from the bottom of an old T-Shirt.  Look around.  Bubble wands are hiding everywhere!

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  1. Mary Lou Johnson says:

    Hello Rebecca, Thank you for an amazing, fun and entertaining show. We had over 100 children ranging in ages 18 months to 5 year olds fully engaged and laughing so much. You were marvelous, professional and generous. Thank you. We look forward to booking the next show at our school, Happy Hall in San Bruno. Best wishes. Mary Lou Johnson, Executive Director/Owner

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