The Bubble Show

This fabulous show really pops! It’s crazy, zany, super silly and tons of fun. Parents and children alike will be wowed as we follow “The Bubble Lady” to “Bubble Land” and participate in incredible musically enhanced bubble adventures.

Children are helpers throughout this astounding interactive show! Spectacular bubble artistry mixed with comedy, is a winning combination making this “Bubble Show” one you won’t soon ( if ever) forget.

Prepare to experience bubbles like you’ve never seen. Everything from dancing bubbles, trick bubbles, spaceship bubbles, love bubbles, bubble haircuts, bubble brains, dragon and whale bubbles, universe bubbles and people in bubbles, to name a few.

Warning- Laughter and feeling good is a by-product of this show.
The Genuine  Bubble Lady -Rebecca Nile,  lives in northern California  and has been providing quality bubble thrills for 20 years  throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

A trained Shakespearian actress and professional clown, Rebecca brings years of experience and theatrical skills to each and every performance.  She delights in playing with her audience, bringing genuine enthusiasm and joy.  Rebecca has a special knack for helping shy and exceptional needs children participate!

Rebecca NileBubble Birthday Show  Indian party all ages Feb. 201 014 Rebecca NileBubble Birthday Show  Indian party all ages Feb. 201 081



For the most accurate quote please call 415-384-0619 or email

Bubblicious Birthday Parties:  $275-$299 (One hour fantastic indoor show)

School Assembly:  $300-$350 (groups of 100 or over ) Ask about my Bubble/ ScienceAssembly!

Libraries: Call for pricing  $275-$325


Indoor, 12 ft by 12 ft  well-lit performance space
No drafts
Additional seating space

I am happy to answer questions. Do not hesitate to call or write.

Phone 415-384-0619  email

Outdoor Bubble Play, Fairs and Festivals