Reviews and Thankyou’s

Deborah Peralta says:

Dearest Rebecca!! Thank you once again for your wonderful bubble show for Devin Jordan!!! As usual his entire class was completely mesmerized!! You have done a total of 8 shows for my two miracle boys!! Each time you adjust your show in the most amazing loving way to meet the special needs of their Autism diagnosis. You are a true pro!! You are the ONLY person I know that can hold the attention of a classroom of children with Autism!!!! To see their sweet faces light up with PURE JOY!! Pure joy that only you can bring with your magical bubble show!! Thank you so very much!! No words can express my gratitude. We’ll see you soon!!

♥Hi Rebecca, Thank you for an amazing, fun and entertaining show. We had over 100 children ranging in ages 18 months to 5 year olds fully engaged and laughing so much. You were marvelous, professional and generous. Thank you. We look forward to booking the next show at our school, Happy Hall in San Bruno. Best wishes. Mary Lou Johnson, Executive Director/Owner

♥San Francisco Chronicle
SF Gate, Mike Kepka, Chronicle Staff
The Bubble Lady
A recent Friday at 11:58 a.m.: “It’s like a universal language. Everybody understands what a bubble is,” said Rebecca Nile. She gently blows a giant bubble she calls “Moby the whale bubble” over a sea of 2- and 3-year-olds at the Montessori School of the Bay Area San Francisco. Today, she controls the world. Kids and parents alike can hardly contain their excitement as she performs bubble acrobatics unimaginable to anybody who’s used to tiny little blips from store-bought soap bubbles. Nile’s bubbles flip and flirt with each other. They twirl. They grow. Her secret is knowledge. She moved here 16 years ago from Toronto with a degree in chemical engineering technology and shortly afterward combined those skills with a passion for clowning and entertaining. Nile became the Bubble Lady. Now she mostly works indoors, preferring large, calm rooms, and says you have to control your conditions. “Not too hot, not too cold,” she said, constantly adding and subtracting ingredients on the fly until her clear spheres bloom, reflecting a rainbow of color. “You become one with the bubble. You feel it,” she said.

♥Hi Rebecca, I just wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful show you put on for Alex’s birthday. He had such a great time! All of his friends and their parents were impressed too. Later on in the evening, Alex grabbed one of your cards, put it in his pocket and said, “I need this so I can remember to have the Bubble Lady at my birthday next year.” Thanks Again!

♥Hi Rebecca, I wanted to say a huge thank you for performing at our Mother’s Club
Halloween party yesterday. You did an amazing job and the kids had so much
We really look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again for a
great show.

♥You are so great, and I look forward to your future email. I just want to thank you for your wonderful shows you do. It is such a blessing to see and know that there is someone doing something so positively fun with and for children. I look forward to seeing you soon…

Wonderful Performance
Thank you for a wonderfully splashy show at the Mountain View Library.  You are highly entertaining and educational and captivated children and adults alike!  We loved the way you wove storytelling into the show, and it’s obvious from your lively presentation that you have a professional theater background.
You know just how to engage an audience, your pacing was perfect!  And – I loved being inside a bubble!!!
We will have you back again – for sure!
Children’s Librarian, City of Mountain View Public Library

Thank You from Asian Library
All the kids and families at Asian Library had a blast watching your amazing, soapy and spherical performance.  You reinforced the theme of this year’s Summer Reading Program to “Be Creative” and inspired the community to use the library to more.  The high energy show was everything a library program should be.  Thank you so much for visiting our library and making it a more “bubbly” place :o)

Subject: Thank you!
You are really a superstar.
You take bubbles to the next level and I apologize for not telling you last
year how much… I enjoy your musical productions as well.
Long live the bubble lady!

Thank you for sharing your talents with us on Saturday. You did a brilliant
job entertaining the children and the adults. I loved it when a parent came
up to me today and said, “I was there.” Of course, “there” meant at your
performance as it needed no further explanation.
Bravo and wonderful fun was had by all.
Thank you again.

Morgan Hill
Rebecca, thank you so much for coming today to Morgan Hill, the kids can’t stop talking about it! I really think you have such a magical wonderful touch with children.  We had some sad news earlier in the week on my sister who is in the hospital, I think it was a MUCH needed distraction for my family too especially for my mom and dad. So again a special thank you from all of us.

True Artist
Rebecca, you were magical! Just perfect. Everyone was buzzing about you. Thanks for such a spectacular performance, you are a true artist.
I hope to have another occasion to hire you in the future!

Wonderful Time
Today was the last day of pre-school for our son Ryan and so we were
reminded by several families and teachers what a wonderful time everyone had the other day when you visited the University Heights Montessori Children's Center.

THANK YOU so much for your flexibility… and for featuring Ryan in the festivities. He had a truly joyous time! We heard all about the various kinds of bubbles that were created and how much fun it was to participate.

Essence Story by: Carmen Coleman
“The gift of laughter is one of the best gifts you can give people.” This is what Rebecca Nile a.k.a. the Bubble Lady shared with me after an amazing show at The Transition Learning Center.  These kids not only got a healthy dose of laughter, but they were entertained and educated simultaneously.  In an interactive and engaging way, The Bubble Lady presented meaningful stories with messages of never giving up and pure fun while she selected volunteers to help her create a plethora of amusing bubble sculptures.  A big hit with the staff and kids alike.
Bread & Roses

Bestest Birthday
Hi Rebecca, I just wanted to thank you again.  Nico said told me that “it was the bestest birthday I ever had.”
You were a big hit with the kids and the parents.  I admire your energy. Lots of the parents asked for your card.

Loved It
I watched your performance at the Kensington Library not too long ago.  My 5-year old loved it, and I thought that his school/daycare would love it also.  I am considering inviting you to his preschool (SSF) on his birthday in November, pending your availability.

Essence Story by Arthur Javier
The Bubble Lady also known as Rebecca was stimulating, funny and creative to the point that the kids were so engaged in every part of her show. She asked for volunteers every time she wanted to show the audience something with her bubble tricks. I can only tell you that she never got turned down. Kids would rush up to the front or raised their hands as they come up. As an entertainer, she loves the audience and enjoyed showing them everything she can do with bubbles. She created a scene where a young boy pretended to sit on a barber chair to get a haircut. She covered him with a piece of cloth to keep the hair away from him but instead of hair, she took out a plastic gadget and blew on the gadget and she created tightly connected bubbles that she placed on the young boy’s head. She then took out a large scissor about 18 inches long and a comb, also about 18 inches long and she proceeded to trim away at the bubbles on the young boy’s head. The audience laughed and laughed and laughed!!! She also had a very large wand and she had each of the volunteers stand in the middle of the wand soaking in a shallow plastic container. She lifted the large wand and created a very big bubble that covered the volunteer entirely. Sort of a person inside a glass container. She also created snow out of the bubbles. It was a big hit for the kids and they all had a BLAST!!!  I have never seen bubbles in so many forms, even a large whale at that.

Children's Creative Learning Centers, Stanford West
I wanted to THANK YOU again for coming to our program this morning!!  The children have been talking about the wonderful show all day!

♥Dear Rebecca,
I was just going through some photos and videos of Brandon’s party last Sunday and am just so pleased with your performance that you did for his birthday party.  You are amazing, talented, have high-energy, and made the kids so happy that day.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful show- both the kids AND the adults loved it.  Most of all, thank you for making the kids laugh out loud.  That was the most precious gift you can give to any parent.
I wanted to thank you and tell you that you did a wonderful job and hope that you are successful with your future performances.  Don’t stop making the children smile and laugh.  What you do is priceless.
All the best, Vivian Barry-Hamilton and the birthday boy, Brandon!

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1. Peralta says:

November 17, 2012 at 9:54 pm


o Nile says:

November 20, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Hi Deborah.

Thank you for your heartfelt, wonderful review. It has been my privledge and an honor to play and perform with your children over the years. Everyone, no matter what the challenge, needs on going opportunities to experience and express their Joy!! So glad we could do this together. Bless you.
Rebecca (TBL)

Mary Lou Johnson says:

July 31, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Hello Rebecca, Thank you for an amazing, fun and entertaining show. We had over 100 children ranging in ages 18 months to 5 year olds fully engaged and laughing so much. You were marvelous, professional and generous. Thank you. We look forward to booking the next show at our school, Happy Hall in San Bruno. Best wishes. Mary Lou Johnson, Executive Director/Owner